Conservatories Surrey

Types of Conservatories


Available in any style, size or colour of UPVC or powder coated aluminium to compliment your home and budget.

Baseworks conform to or exceed all local building requirements.

All doors and windows feature espagnolette and or shoot bolt locks for proven security.

Only the highest grade of PVC or aluminium is used for colour and structural integrity.

  • All conservatories carry a full 10 year warranty which is indemnified by the CPA who monitor the quality of our installations.
  • All doors and windows conform to FENSA regulations (not yet required by law for conservatory construction).
  • All installations project managed from concept through design, inspection and sign off.
  • All plans and planning applications submitted for Council approval.
  • All glass is K low emmissivity to comply with FENSA regulations.


Full design service available at Surrey Design and Build Ltd, through concept, CAD drawings, planning application and personal project management.

  • Standard designs are sun lounge (lean to), Victorian, Edwardian, Regency, 'P' shaped combination, Gull-Wing, as well as bespoke individual designs.
  • All conservatories are individually tailor made as we do not use pre-fabricated modular units.
  • Windows / vents in any combination
  • Doors can be single, double, sliding or fan-fold

Please call us on 01276 485666 to discuss or arrange a conseratory design for your home.

Or fax your existing plans / quotes to 01276 858325 for inspection.


One of the most appealing rooflights we manufacture using the Flushglaze profile is the Ridge Glaze Roof light, a fixed glass rooflight. Again Glazing Vision was looking to introduce a dual pitched rooflight which would allow more daylight into the building and remove the need for internal framework to support the rooflight.

The use of steped edge glass allows us to use silicone sealed glass to glass joins to create a complete flush finish and joins.


  • Special colours
  • Solar control and obscure finishes
  • Extended size range


A 45 degree frameless glass Pyramid rooflight with manual/electric hinged opening or fixed variants. The clarity and longevity of glass ensures fantastic light transmission throughout the life of the building, typically 50% more than plastics over its life cycle.

The shape of the Skyline gives an excellent concentration of light and self cleaning characteristics with a stylish frameless design. Available in square or elongated configurations.


  • Maximum daylight - no framework
  • Frameless self-clean flushglaze design
  • High Thermal Performance
  • Guaranteed long life clarity (subject to 3 month cleaning intervals)
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Installation simplicity
  • Downlighter as standard only on square fixed pyramids


The traditional Skydoor Hydraulic Hinged skylight can be supplied with a single or double leaf, either as a stand alone unit on a flat or sloping roof. The hydraulic actuation system needs to be used on any hinged rooflight above 3 square metres, and can open to 90 degrees for access. A manual override operation can be interated into the rooflight making it ideal for a Succah rooflight.

A high performance safety glass is flush fixed and factory bonded wherever possible, giving a clean flush all-glass appearance to the outside, hence its suitability for low pitch and flat roof applications. Often specified for ambience and access where a full opening is required and no roof parking space is available for a sliding rooflight option.

For roof terrace access applications the hinged panels can also act as safety balustrades in the fully open position.


  • Maximum daylight - minimum framework
  • Flush glass appearance to outside
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Thermally enhanced framework design
  • Concealed operating mechanism


  • Single or double leaf
  • Ventilation only or fully opening access
  • Choice of colours/finishes
  • Manual or remote operation
  • Electric or hydraulic actuation
  • Electronic remote control
  • Rain/climatic/safety sensors
  • Proximity detection