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Composite Doors Surrey

Our Collection of composite doors brings style and high-performance. Behind its classical appearance, you'll find the most advanced engineering, design and technology for front doors.

Why Choose a Composite Door?


It’s no secret that burglars can open doors locked with normal cylinder locks in seconds. But our Doors are fitted with a Ultion cylinder which activates a hidden lock when it detects an attack. That’s why it’s accredited with TS007 3 star (grade 6) from BSI, Sold Secure Diamond from the Master Locksmith Association and Secured by Design from the Police

In the unlikely event that you’re burgled and the intruder gains entry by snapping the Ultion cylinder the manufacturer will pay £1000 compensation and repair or replace the door for you

Get the reassurance of knowing your door meets tough government standards for keeping the heat in your home - and saving you money on your energy bills. Your new door will also keep the noise down as the insulation composition of the door provides insulation to outside noise.

Our doors are available in many colours as well as wood effect finishes. Your door can be further tailored to suit your home by having a double colour choice. One colour can be selected for the external side of the door and a completely different colour for the interior. Whatever colour you choose can be configured with gold, chrome, black or white, contemporary hardware such as handles and letterboxes to compliment your new door.

If the glass unit breaks down in your composite door, a unique and patented glazing cassette can be removed from the inside to let you simply change the glass and reuse the cassette. You won’t need a new door because it has been damaged whilst trying to follow impossible deglazing knacks and techniques!

Why not bring more light into your home with a glass side panel. Not only are there many types of glass to choose from but uniquely, you can have a choice of width, all of which can carry the letterbox.

To give a fantastic quality finish and long life performance our doors use glass reinforced plastic skins. That’s the same material used to make the hulls of boats!

To keep your door looking as good as the day t was installed, just wash down with soapy water!

Even though it is only 15mm high, the wheelchair threshold can still be seen from outside. That's why our door wheelchair thresholds will always match the external colour you chose for the door frame. This isn't something you need to select, you just get it as standard.

In the same way that if you order a colour door the aluminium door drip is exactly the same colour. The door drip does a really important job, but with so many beautiful aspects to your door you won't want the door drip stealing the eye.

  1. Cylinder-free lock for unrivalled, high-tech security
  2. Manufacturers £1000 compensation guarantee
  3. Bespoke colour & glazing options
  4. High thermal values to government standard
  5. Strong & durable with little or no maintenance
  6. Superior thermal efficiency –up to six times the heat retention of a timber door
  7. Triple seal frame system for excellent weather performance
  8. Superb draught and sound-proof insulation
  9. Comprehensive 10-year guarantee

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