UPVC Fascia Soffit And Guttering Installations In Surrey

We will completely remove your existing system including wooden fascia’s, barge board, soffits, guttering and replace it with fresh, zero maintenance UPVC. We will also install over fascia venting which will bring the roof ventilation up to current building regulations. A felt tray is installed which slides under your existing felt to ensure there will be no water ingress if it starts to recede from the roofline. A sturdy foam filled fascia and soffit board is used (not hollow) for extreme durability.
We only use stainless steel fixings to attach the roofline. This ensures that you have no rusty stains running down from the screws on the white fascias. If needed, we will cut away any damp /rotten wood on the ends of your roof beams and replace with new treated timber (AT NO EXTRA CHARGE). We will also seal the soffit to your property with specially designed silicone sealant to stop insects from gaining access. All work comes with a market leading 20-year product guarantee and 10 year (insurance backed) guarantee on workmanship.
Where necessary we will reverge the mortar seal between roof tiles and barge boards. For small areas we will include this in the price quoted. However, if on survey it is apparent that reverging large areas we will be required it will be quoted separately.

  • Zero Deposit!
  • Always A Great Price!
  • 20 Year Product Guarantee!
  • Friendly And Professional Local Firm
  • Inhouse Fitting Team. No Subcontracted Workers!
  • A Full Insurance Backed 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee


Why Choose a Composite Door?

Guttering and downpipe Colours and styles:
Guttering can be installed in black, white, or brown, grey, anthracite grey and in the styles of half round, square, Ogee, cast iron effect, deep flow and box gutter.
Our fascia and soffit boards can be installed in a variety of colours, the most popular being white, black and anthracite grey.
We only offer a full replacement fascia, soffit, and guttering installation service. Capping or cloaking is a cheaper ‘quick fix’ that will briefly hide the existing problems. I say ‘briefly hide’ because it won’t be long before you notice swelling, bowing and ultimately pieces falling off! Why is this? The wood underneath (your existing fascia and sofit boards) will expand and contract with the seasons. This puts pressure and tension onto the capped boards which result in bowing. If the underlying wood is rotten there may not be much of a good area to tap in the fixings of the capped boards, this can result in boards falling off, we’ve seen it many times!
Really, the guttering systems we install need no maintenance to stay functional for many years other than the occasional gutter clearance. If you have many trees around your property and leaf drop is an issue you may want to consider getting your gutters cleared annually in late autumn. We also recommend ‘Hedge Hog gutter brush’ and ‘Leaf guard’ for these situations. Bear in mind that even with these in place you should think about getting the gutters serviced after 5 years as some debris may mulch through a little. There is no necessity to clean your guttering system, but it does pay to do so. If they are washed down every 6 months, they will stay very close to ‘good as new’ in appearance. If dirt is left too long on the boards it will stain over the years and this is very hard to shift.

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